CSS Designing Intro

I have completed my article on CSS designing for the experienced HTML coders. I’ve submitted it to A List Apart. I hope to get it published there. If it doesn’t I’ll publish it here instead. (It won’t nearly be as good but still, have to put it somewhere.)

I’ll also be applying my new design on this here blog. You’ll see it in a week or so, inshaallah.

Me on vectors

I’m into Illustrator now. Here’s my description of my first work in vectors:

This is my first (serious) work with vectors. This was one category of modern (digital) art I never tried. Well, not ‘ny more.

I’m sorry if this piece is too cliché. I have no idea about vectors and I haven’t done any tutorials. So, even if it IS cliché, it isn’t.

You can see it on deviantArt or Gfxartist.

css Zen Garden

Take a look at CSS Zen Garden if you’re still working with Dreamweaver and bloated HTML tables for designing your sites. Honestly, you need to stop. I’m surprised Dreamweaver’s still using that technique for screen design. Then again, Macromedia’s a business. I’d expect that from them.

Anyway, CSS design (and seperate code through XTHML, by the way) is the way to go. If you don’t know anything about this stuff, I suggest you head over to A List Apart and take a look at their articles. I’ll be posting some of the very useful ones here at times as I come across them.

I’m also doing a redesign of my blog template and I’m planning on posting a tutorial about it. That should give you a headstart on this design with CSS thing.

Completed Test Walk

I finished the test phase of my Ultimate Walk on Monday. The walk was from Nowshera to Peshawar. Here’re the details:

Start Time: 7:22 AM
End Time: 2:39 PM
Duration: 7hours, 17 minutes

Total Distance Covered: 35 kms
No. of Stops: 3
Stop 1: 10 mins
Stop 2: 35 mins (The guy took half an hour to make a cup of tea!!)
Stop 3: 5 mins

Notes: The walk was pretty good. I had to do it alone so it was a little harder. I got through but I have to get myself more suitable footwear before trying the final walk. My nails hurt!

Here’s a view of the route. I know the distance looks small in this image but this is taken from an altitude of 60miles!

Singularity – An OS in C#

Microsoft research is working on Singularity which, if I gather correctly, is an OS written in C#. They say it’s about reliability more than performance. It has to be if it’s going to use .Net’s CLR. That thing is bloated!

Singularity wouldn’t be a very good name for an OS. Especially for Microsoft who already has a bad image as a monopolistic giant trying to extend its monopoly from desktops to the internet. (I’m talking about the theoretical physics meaning of singularity. That’s a place where space/time come to an end.)

Back to Work

I’m finally feeling a little better. Been quite ill the past half a month. I couldn’t do anything. No AI, no LISP, no Photoshop. No designing! All I have been able to do is read and blog. Better get back to work now.

Windows Live!

Windows Live
Yes, Microsoft’s reply to Google’s Personalized Homepage. I didn’t think I’d have to say this but Microsoft’s finally beaten Google at something. (Well, ever since Google started rolling anyway.)

The page is clutter free, fast and yet pretty. It doesn’t work well with my Firefox or Flock but on IE, it’s pretty good. There are some features Google guys need to “borrow” now like the search box and the simple styles which don’t look crude!

Also go to ideas.live.com to see more of “Windows Live”. Social bookmarks, messenger, Office. Microsoft’s looking for Web2.0 dominance now. So long desktop!