Yum, Yumex and Kyum

One of the problems I always faced with linux was the installation of new software. I’ve been trying to get a good lisp IDE installed for more than three weeks – without any success.

The answer is ‘yum’. It’s a wonderful tool for installing software on linux. What’s more, if you don’t want to work with command line tools, do a ‘yum install yumex’. Yumex works like a gem. Search for a software to install, add it to queue and process it! The interface is pretty sweet too.

Fedora Core 5 -vs- Windows XP

It took me a year but I’ve finally moved my stuff over to Linux. I had to. I’m supposed to be a geek.

It’s like moving into a new city. You don’t know where to get the groceries, how to get around. Stuff that sounds trivial where you’ve spent your whole life. Despite the problems, i’ve managed to set up shop in linux. I’ve got almost everything ready. Graphics editting, lisp programming, internet.

Moving away from internet explorer to firefox was easy. There are problems in linux but I think they’re manageable.

Over to WordPress

Ok, since blogspot simply refuses to appear on any system here in Peshawar, I've decided to move over to WordPress.com. At least I can write my blog here. Anything that goes in blogspot ends up in a blackhole. I can read it myself using an RSS editor but since hardly anyone else uses RSS readers here, it's no good.

Hope I like wordpress.