Peshawar gets on Earth!

Last time I installed Google Earth, Peshawar was only a vague shadow of a land. I installed beta of Earth 4 yesterday and located Hayatabad. The images are now copyright 2006 and are pretty vivid. I’m putting an image of Phase V here (along with a shot of my house).

I’d like to do a single image of the whole of Peshawar but my net speed is very low. If anyone can send me images of any part of peshawar, I’ll be very happy to start building the jigsaw.

(Oh, and if you do decide to send me images, make sure they’re taken from an altitude of 7864ft and north pointing upwards!)

In the shaded portion is this:

Using Codesmith and .netTiers

I recently came across Codesmith and .netTiers. It’s one of the best things to happen to me since i started working in VB.NET. You can view the details of what these two are in their sites. Here’s the gist:

Codesmith is an engine for creating code dynamically based on templates. It saves time. .netTiers is a template for Codesmith which creates code for handling SQL Server databases. It creates classes for performing DML (and other operations) on all database tables. This is done by creating collections. You can use it as simply as a collection!

Now, the tutorial I tried to learn from – their official one – is incomplete! Put simply, it doesn’t work. So, I decided to write my own.Read More »

Mulana Yunus Patel (DB)

I received this very useful link through a mailing list today. Maulana sahab is a khalifa of Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar sahab (rehmatullah alaih). The site has lectures, dua`s and books for download. I’ve downloaded the english commentary on Mathnavi Room.

One important point I’d like to mention about this site is how well it’s made. It’s totally functional and is very nicely designed – something a lot of sites about islam don’t worry about. People putting stuff on the web about islam need to present it well too.