VB.NET extra class #2

I won’t be taking any more extra classes of VB.NET untill I’ve received some response from students regarding .netTiers and Codesmith assignment I set in the first lesson.

I have to see if the classes are of any use. This is my way of finding out.

VB.NET extra class

As promised, I’ll be giving extra lessons for VB.NET in City University for all who are interested. Please understand that these are not step-by-step tutorials. I’ll be giving you guidelines only and I expect you to do most of the work. We’ll take it one class at a time. Here’s the details for the first class.

  • Date: Monday 24 July, 2006
  • Time: 12:00pm
  • Duration: approximately an hour

Please leave a comment below along with your name and ID so that I have an estimate of the number of students.

TinyLittle Password Keeper

TinyLittle Password Keeper is, as the name implies, a tiny software for securely saving all your passwords in one place. It has the following features:

  1. Save password file with a master password.
  2. Encrypt all data before saving.
  3. Option to further encrypt passwords.
  4. Ability to search for passwords.
  5. Save multiple accounts/passwords for a single site.

It exports all data to a simple XML file. The data itself is encrypted. All encryption is done using TripleDES encryption.

I made this software primarily as a case study in encryption, user interface design and data storage.

If you want to study the source, take these factors into consideration:

  • The decomposition of code into projects, files, classes and methods
  • User interface (Placement, size accomodation, interaction)
  • Encryption in TripleDESEncryption class
  • XML save/load in serialization class (although this isn’t strict serialization)

Leave me a comment if you have suggestions for improvement or if you find something wrong. I may not fix it but it’d be nice to know.

Download software binary

Download project source


I don’t care if this software blows your computer up. Don’t use it if you’re going to whine about it later.