CSC422 Fall 06 – Internal Evaluation

This is the final listing of Internal Evaluation for Fall 06 semester of CSC422 in City University. The marks submitted in final evaluation sheet to the examination section are not properly categorized (because of unavailability of space). Please do not bug me about low marks in presentations. The details of marks there do not mean anything. Take a look at the total there and the details here.

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McCarthy on Intelligent Design

I recently came across an article by a famous computer scientist John McCarthy titled, “Scientific Forms of the Religious Hypothesis”. It is an informal discussion of the possibility that the world we live in is programmed by an intelligent being.

It’s nice to see that even mathematicians – the most likely people to become atheists – are beginning to openly accept the possibility that this world is created by a higher being.

As an aside, McCarthy refutes arguments usually given in favour of the existence of God. I was surprised to see that his comments in this regard were far from extraordinary, considering that they were coming from a mathematician.Read More »