Getting started with Openmoko

For record purposes, here’s what I did to get Openmoko working. 

  1. Installed Ubuntu. (Had many problems with Fedora. Don’t know if it was because of the distribution though.) 
  2. Installed all the dependencies and got the MokoMakeFile (see here).
  3. sudo su and echo 0 > /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr
  4. make openmoko-setup 
  5. make setup-machine-freerunner 
  6. make openmoko-devel-image 
  7. Backed up the moko folder 
That’s what’s been working for now. I’ll update this post as this progresses. 

VM-based Information Flow for Policy Enforcement

Regarding paper titled “A Virtual Machine Based Information Flow Control System for Policy Enforcement” by Nair et al. 

Nair et al. present an information flow control system which addresses the issue of implicit information flows using an extension of the Kaffe JVM. Trishul is implemented by extending Java Stack and Heap structures. The resulting framework is capable of dynamically assigning labels to objects and propagating these labels based on information and control flow. Label or “Taint” propagation is based on the Lattice based Information Flow Model by Denning.