Trusted Computing, Mobiles and the Project

I’ve been unable to write blog entries for a while now. It’s been mostly updates and rants and this post is more of the same. I’m working on stuff which, while not ‘confidential’, can’t be repeated in publicly accessible places due to various reasons. So, I can only provide updates and tell you what I can.

We’ve started working on our Dynamic Behavioral Attestation for Mobile Platforms project. We’ve had some tutorial sessions and we’re getting some human resource developed. If we can only convert some of this ‘human resource’ to productive people, we should be well on our way to competing with the Trusted Computing community leaders. Not that we’re not doing that already. It’s just that time is against us. With the exceptional hype surrounding Android, our work is getting more and more important. We need to come up with tangible results very soon.

I’ve also submitted a paper for Trust 2009 (scheduled for April of next year at Oxford). Let’s see what becomes of that. JSR321 (Trusted Computing for the Java Platforms) is also underway. And finally, we’ve been working on a book. That should be published in around five to six months.

Blog of Trust and Mobiles

I came across (once again, after a long time) this blog called Blog of Trust with lots of information about Trusted Computing, Remote Attestation and mobile platforms. The author (according to the About page) is an employee of the TCG.

Two of the posts I found very interesting were:

  1. “OKL4 and Android: are the pieces slotting into place?”
    Describes the possibility of an MTM on Android. This seems to be a hot topic and we need to look into it in detail and soon. Read the Post here.
  2. “Aonix contributing PERC Ultra JVM to TECOM”
    TECOM is a project aimed at bringing trusted computing to the mobile platforms. See these two sites for the original TECOM page and a MarketWatch article on the project. Read here.

I would love it if one of the fresh young associates can subscribe to the Blog of Trust RSS and keep us updated on the latest developments there. It’s a very informative blog about TC.

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