JSR321 Early Draft Release

JSR321: Trusted Computing API for Java Platform is now released as Early Draft. Download EDR here (provided under the restrictions of a cost-free review license, which is delivered in detail with the specifications).

“JSR 321 targets to develop a Trusted Computing API for Java(TM) providing selected functionality the TCG Software Stack offers to the C world, while following the conventions of modern Java APIs.”

The members of the JSR 321 Expert Group are:

  • Ronald Toegl and Peter Lipp, IAIK, Graz University Of Technology
  • Kenneth M. Graf, Intel Corp.
  • Jeff Nisewanger, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  • Deepak Dasaratha Rao, Samsung Electronics Corporation
  • Winkler, Thomas
  • Keil, Werner
  • Nauman, Mohammad
  • Gungoren, Bora

Informal members of the Expert Group are

  • Hong, Theodore

Reviewers are asked to send their comments and contributions to jsr-321-comments@jcp.org.

The official JSR 321 web page is located at http://www.jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=321 and a mostly-editable wiki is available on http://jsr321.dev.java.net/

If you’re a Java programmer who’s interested in Trusted Computing, your feedback is valuable and we look forward to seeing your comments.

Update: You can find the latest version of the EDR and further releases here: https://jsr321.dev.java.net/. Direct link: here (provided under the restrictions of a cost-free review license, which is delivered in detail with the specifications).

Google 12th for “search” on Google

That cryptic title basically means that if you search for “search” on Google, the first result you get is for live.com. Surprising but what’s more so is that Google is 12th on the result list — coming after such giants as Search.org, Altavista and Netscape. Who uses those anyway and how come Google itself is doing so great for that?

Could it be that I’ve somehow demoted Google using the wiki features? Can anyone confirm that they’re getting the same (or similar) result?

“search” – Google Search.

Second thoughts

For the first time in my life, I’m having second thoughts about living in Pakistan. I’ve always argued that there’s no shortage of opportunities or resources in Pakistan and that if someone wanted to work here, it can be done. I still stand by the first opinion but I’m not so sure about getting things done. The problem is mostly the people here. They’re not only ignorant and non-professional, they’re also selfish — this is what annoys me the most. Many people tell me that it’s because of the poverty but I don’t buy that. Most of the people I know are not poor. They’re pretty well-off. They drive expensive cars, they have big homes, they’ve never gone unfed. They still act like there’s a famine coming and if they don’t collect all the money/stuff, they’re going to die of hunger.

It doesn’t stop there either. We’re all so rigid that we’re not willing to let go of things that we don’t even need. Try standing in a line and see how much space you get. Everyone will be trying to push you, for reasons known only to them. Of course, I’m not counting those who cut lines to get things done quickly because they’re so busy.

I’m not good at writing this stuff so this post probably doesn’t convey the extent of my frustration. I’m not up to the point of trying to find a job abroad but I’m getting there. I still like it here — I’m just not sure how much more I can stand.