Building Xen from source on Ubuntu 8.04

After struggling with XEN‘s source for around two weeks, I’ve finally managed to get it working on a Ubuntu 8.04. It was fairly straight forward with a few bits and pieces of trouble. That is mainly due to the problems of incompatibility between different versions of the hypervisor and dom0 kernels.

So, here’s how I did it. This is more for archiving purposes than for teaching. So, use whatever you can. Post any queries and I’ll see if I can help.
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Down the Drain

I started teaching at IMSciences around a month ago. Today, I got the news that I’m being kicked out, mid-semester. I’m not surprised because I knew what was going on behind my back. I’m not mad. I’m not angry. I’m not even sad. I am a little bit disgusted though because in the past two years, I have given IMSciences more than 15 publications. I’ve written two books. I’ve helped bring in two projects with a combined funding of over 25 million. I’ve played my part in creating jobs for around twenty people. I even contributed in starting a PhD programme. After all that, they didn’t even have the decency to come up with a better excuse than, “some of your students had some objections on your teaching style”. That is obviously an offense which mandates termination without even a show-of-cause notice.

Pathetic, really.