A much better (and useful) eclipse plugin

It’s been four days since I started working with eclipse plugins and I finally have my first useful plugin. It’s useful for my research purposes and hopefully for a small audience interested in my work. It might also be useful for those trying to learn how to write eclipse plugins because I’ll soon be writing a tutorial on how I put this thing together from scratch (inshallah).

For the time being though, enjoy the screenshot.

Update: fixed the plugin with a new ‘View’. It now operates much better with a separate view for the output and controls. Also added is a ‘Hierarchy’ view for viewing the policy in a nice tree structure.

Writing a Minimal Eclipse Plugin

I have tried, on multiple occasions, to write an eclipse plugin. I always gave up in the middle of the process though, what with the different versions of eclipse floating around and the discrepancies between the tutorials and the version I was using. I finally decided to sit down and go through a simple ‘hello world’ plugin and write a tutorial in the process to guide those that are using the latest eclipse. This is a tutorial for eclipse 3.5 (galileo) and is a no BS tutorial with little or no explanation. That’s because I believe in code first, think later approach when learning new technologies. So, download eclipse SDK version (not the Java or the C/C++ version) and read on.

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