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CS303- Course Outline – Fall 2011


This post will provide a way for students of HCI (Fall 07 – FAST-NU) to keep track of their results throughout the semester. Quiz/assignment scores and exam grades will be available through the spreadsheet embedded below. It will be your responsibility to bookmark these pages and visit the pages after exams to see your official score. If you have any problems/concerns, let me know through email. Commenting on this post is enabled but should only be used in case you have suggestions for improvement of this system. Do not post anything about your scores. I will not answer any such queries here.


A Simple PathSearching Agent

I’ve recently started working on Intelligent Agents. I chose to work with Java because I’m more confortable with object oriented approaches and there’s more AI literature based on Java than any other language.

As a beginning, I chose an exercise in AIMA and implemented it in Java. The framework of the Agent and its Environment is based on Ravi Mohan’s code. (I did have to make a few minor changes to make it work for me.)

The agent works in a dynamic environment and is not given full information regarding the environment. It has to keep track of known hurdles and update them based on the percepts passed to it as it moves around. It uses A* search strategy for calculating the path.

The architecture is capable of accomodating more than one agent but as of now, the environment has only one agent.

Download the JAR from here and the full source code from here. You need JDK/JRE 5.0+ to use both of these.

VB.NET extra class

As promised, I’ll be giving extra lessons for VB.NET in City University for all who are interested. Please understand that these are not step-by-step tutorials. I’ll be giving you guidelines only and I expect you to do most of the work. We’ll take it one class at a time. Here’s the details for the first class.

  • Date: Monday 24 July, 2006
  • Time: 12:00pm
  • Duration: approximately an hour

Please leave a comment below along with your name and ID so that I have an estimate of the number of students.