Google OS and Microsoft's .NET

Take a look at this:

  1. Google: A company that’s been free (to use) and thought of as the darling of the computing community as a whole and who looks really good to challenge the Giant Microsoft. At least in some areas. This company develops (is developing, rather) applications and systems that make people more and more reliant on Google’s so-called online operating system. So much so that it’s made people develop a ‘history of the future’ that describes how people grew (will grow) dependant on Google’s OS.

  2. Microsoft: The company that’s thought of as monopolistic and as “closed-source” as it gets. This company develops a software architecture (.NET; especially ASP.NET) that enables all companies to deploy their own web-based applications and sell subscriptions thus reducing Microsoft’s own monopoly of operating systems. Albeit from the customer’s PCs only if not from the servers.

Pretty ironical, don’t you think?