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About Me

My name is Mohammad Nauman and I am, foremost, a Muslim. I am also a teacher by profession, a designer in my free time and a perpetual student.

You can download my resume from here: Mohammad Nauman (CV)

Research Statement

My research is along two main lines. My primary work is regarding application of Artificial Intelligence concepts in practical scenarios of Software Engineering practice. The primary scope of my work is the world wide web and software engineering concepts related to quality attributes such as usability, security and safety. My research work in MS is about usability in search in the context of social networks.

The area of my research aimed at security is related to the application of Artificial Intelligence concepts (such as theorem provers) through formal specification and verification of security protocols and frameworks. I work with Isabelle theorem prover and Z notation for computer supported modeling and reasoning of these frameworks. Recently, my focus has shifted to security on the smartphone platforms, specifically Android. I am currently working on usage control and attestation of this immensely popular smartphone software stack.

My aim through this research is not only to contribute to the global knowledge but also to enable the local market and industry in development and utilization of better techniques and technologies.

Teaching Statement

Teaching is an art as well as a science. With computer science, this dual nature becomes much more apparent with the theory and practicality of the different fields merging together. A good computer science teacher must have knowledge related to all the subfields of computer science. My experience in the commercial market and detailed knowledge of the low level details of programming and design enable me to convey the essence of contemporary technologies to my students. I believe in conveying a thorough understanding of the theoretical grounds on which a science is built and in enabling the students to understand the rhythm behind the practical applications of these theoretical concepts. The right mix of science and art is a key element in learning and teaching of computer science. Keeping with this view, I maintain a web site2 which offers resources related to computer science and contains my thoughts on how I find, practice and learn new technologies. I encourage my students to use this resource and even contribute to it.

The motivation in a computer science class comes not only from the feeling of seeing one’s work being applied but also from seeing how each part of the learning fits in to the greater whole. I believe in creating a classroom environment in which both these feelings can be mixed together. The aim is always to let the students have an enjoyable semester which conveys the details of the subject and enables them to continue their study after the semester is finished.

Above all, my experience in teaching has shown me that the best way to gain knowledge is to pass it on. I learn through my teaching and convey my knowledge to all those who have helped me gain it.


You can take a look at my publications here.