Completed Test Walk

I finished the test phase of my Ultimate Walk on Monday. The walk was from Nowshera to Peshawar. Here’re the details:

Start Time: 7:22 AM
End Time: 2:39 PM
Duration: 7hours, 17 minutes

Total Distance Covered: 35 kms
No. of Stops: 3
Stop 1: 10 mins
Stop 2: 35 mins (The guy took half an hour to make a cup of tea!!)
Stop 3: 5 mins

Notes: The walk was pretty good. I had to do it alone so it was a little harder. I got through but I have to get myself more suitable footwear before trying the final walk. My nails hurt!

Here’s a view of the route. I know the distance looks small in this image but this is taken from an altitude of 60miles!