Yum, Yumex and Kyum

One of the problems I always faced with linux was the installation of new software. I’ve been trying to get a good lisp IDE installed for more than three weeks – without any success.

The answer is ‘yum’. It’s a wonderful tool for installing software on linux. What’s more, if you don’t want to work with command line tools, do a ‘yum install yumex’. Yumex works like a gem. Search for a software to install, add it to queue and process it! The interface is pretty sweet too.

One thought on “Yum, Yumex and Kyum

  1. Mandy,I love this!! Splendidly original! I have to admit the iltualrstions for the projects you had shared with me are somewhat giving me some curious excitement to be a part of its final production and execution… As well as inspiring me to write on several themes invoked by your powerfully expressive images! Thanks for the inspiration- perhaps I can write for you one day, if He wills. : )Keep marching on!Tita Lizzie

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