TinyLittle Password Keeper

TinyLittle Password Keeper is, as the name implies, a tiny software for securely saving all your passwords in one place. It has the following features:

  1. Save password file with a master password.
  2. Encrypt all data before saving.
  3. Option to further encrypt passwords.
  4. Ability to search for passwords.
  5. Save multiple accounts/passwords for a single site.

It exports all data to a simple XML file. The data itself is encrypted. All encryption is done using TripleDES encryption.

I made this software primarily as a case study in encryption, user interface design and data storage.

If you want to study the source, take these factors into consideration:

  • The decomposition of code into projects, files, classes and methods
  • User interface (Placement, size accomodation, interaction)
  • Encryption in TripleDESEncryption class
  • XML save/load in serialization class (although this isn’t strict serialization)

Leave me a comment if you have suggestions for improvement or if you find something wrong. I may not fix it but it’d be nice to know.

Download software binary

Download project source


I don’t care if this software blows your computer up. Don’t use it if you’re going to whine about it later.