Comic Sans - "only its parents could love it"

I’ve been saying this for a long long time. Here’s a quote in case you need convincing:

What article on web typography could forget the font so ugly that only its parents could love it - Comic Sans MS.

Spurned by designers and typographers worldwide, Comic Sans has few fans - and despite being part of Microsoft’s ‘Core Fonts For The Web’ package, is generally left unused by most people who know a little about typefaces.

It has found favour in certain niches - you can probably spot Comic Sans on a few eBay auctions (in garish red & yellow no doubt), as well as on personal homepages and the lesser blog sites (MySpace, LiveJournal et al).

If you absolutely must have a ‘comic’ style font, or blackboard style writing, go for Comic Sans - but there are few other applications for this font. Use with caution!

That comes from here.