MIT Video Lectures

I’m always surprised when someone tells me that MIT’s OCW is not free. It stands for “Open Courseware” for God sake!

Anyway, I’ve been studying Linear Algebra and Differential Geometry from the Maths section and of course SICP from Computer Science.

Just recently, I found audio lectures for Psychology and I must say, even though I had no visual, I could tell that the guy teaching was good. I didn’t think an audio lecture could be so interesting.

Why do I bother with these lectures? Well, some may say I have nothing better to do. (They would be right to some extent, by the way.) Actually, I take my job seriously and If my job’s going to be teaching, I’m determined to make it as good as I can. These lectures are a great way of learning how to interact with a class and to learn new ways of conveying ideas.  I’ve already learned a lot from SICP and I’m learning every day from Linear Algebra and Differential Geometry.

So please, stop calling me a nut. *sob*