Getting started with Openmoko

For record purposes, here’s what I did to get Openmoko working. 

  1. Installed Ubuntu. (Had many problems with Fedora. Don’t know if it was because of the distribution though.) 
  2. Installed all the dependencies and got the MokoMakeFile (see here).
  3. sudo su and echo 0 > /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr
  4. make openmoko-setup 
  5. make setup-machine-freerunner 
  6. make openmoko-devel-image 
  7. Backed up the moko folder 
That’s what’s been working for now. I’ll update this post as this progresses. 

4 thoughts on “Getting started with Openmoko

  1. So, here’s the fun part. I can’t qemu the image I just built because (according to torindel on #openmoko) gta02 isn’t fully functional in qemu and qemu won’t load the gta02 images. So, guess we’re back to the device then. I’ll wait until I have someone with me to start the flashing and copying. I don’t want to be responsible for bricking our only freerunner.

  2. Just the other day, we got the Om2008.8 distribution working on the moko. Had to change the om-gta02.conf in the openembedded/conf/machine to get the thing compiled. Apparently, you need to include conf/distro/include/ or you get lots of errors in the build process.

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