Google 12th for “search” on Google

That cryptic title basically means that if you search for “search” on Google, the first result you get is for Surprising but what’s more so is that Google is 12th on the result list — coming after such giants as, Altavista and Netscape. Who uses those anyway and how come Google itself is doing so great for that?

Could it be that I’ve somehow demoted Google using the wiki features? Can anyone confirm that they’re getting the same (or similar) result?

“search” – Google Search.

2 thoughts on “Google 12th for “search” on Google

  1. AoA, Hope you are fine and doing well. Was pleased to here bout your Oxfard visit. May u have many such happy and safe journey. comming to the point “Google 12th”
    well i am getting a little different result. Here goolge ranks arount 10 or 9. But dont you thing it a game of meta tags, and SEO. though googlw itself is SE but they may not have optimised themselves for the keyword ‘search’. another reason can be the meta tags. live search as u’v said ranks number one for the said key word, may not necessarily be always be at 1, would it be?

    I would’nt say its surprising at all.

  2. I wasn’t trying to make a point. Just an observation there. It’s not likely that anyone would go to a search engine, enter a search query for a search engine and expect to get the same search engine as result. So, Google doesn’t really lose points here 🙂

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