Gap Between Industry and Academia

I gave a talk today on the gap between industry and academia and what the students can do to bridge that gap. You can take a look at the presentation file below. Topic of the presentation was “Bridging the Gap between Industry and Academia: Perspective and Rants” and was presented in City University.

Download Presentation

2 thoughts on “Gap Between Industry and Academia

  1. It is extremely well planned presentation. I love you for what you are doing to the students. What about helping me learn RSS with an example 🙂

    I am too lazy to study some weird tutorials at the moment …. but I did learn, day before yesterday, that how to write ACM transaction format paper with latex!

  2. The simplest RSS tutorial I could come up with.

    1. Create an account on (your Gmail account would do.)

    2. Find an RSS feed. (E.g. goto and take a look at the top right that says “RSS Feed”) Copy this link.

    3. Goto Google Reader. Click on “Add a subscription” and paste the link.

    4. Find more RSS feeds for stuff you’re interested in and add those to Reader.

    5. Read as often as you can.

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