Google Wave: Re-inventing Online Communication

Google is aiming at killing email altogether!

I’ve been viewing the newest beta product from Google called “Wave”. It’s rightly named not only because it’s arranges all conversations and communication in a wave that participants can join and leave but also because it’s most likely going to give rise to a new wave of technology products. For the complete intro to this amazing new technology, you should head over and view the complete (80 minute) demo given at Google I/O. What I like most about the product is 1) the real-time features including instant appearance of the text input in one user’s account on the other user’s wave inbox 2) the collaborative features (including multiple simultaneous editing users and 3) the way everything is linked together, much like Tim Lee’s linked data.

We have often been led to believe that certain pieces of technology are paradigm changing but this piece of technology is one thing that is surely going to change the way communication occurs. If it’s as good as the demo, it may mean a gigantic step towards linked data and streamlining of different technologies such as social networking sites, (micro)blogging, online comments and certainly email! If this works out, soon we won’t need to send email.