Down the Drain

I started teaching at IMSciences around a month ago. Today, I got the news that I’m being kicked out, mid-semester. I’m not surprised because I knew what was going on behind my back. I’m not mad. I’m not angry. I’m not even sad. I am a little bit disgusted though because in the past two years, I have given IMSciences more than 15 publications. I’ve written two books. I’ve helped bring in two projects with a combined funding of over 25 million. I’ve played my part in creating jobs for around twenty people. I even contributed in starting a PhD programme. After all that, they didn’t even have the decency to come up with a better excuse than, “some of your students had some objections on your teaching style”. That is obviously an offense which mandates termination without even a show-of-cause notice.

Pathetic, really.

8 thoughts on “Down the Drain

  1. am not feeling good about this, after doing so much if this could happen to u, than this could happen to us too. im|s is certainly not a place for planning a future.
    and by the way am resigning from the post of the spokesman of SERG. dont like this shit any more. specially after wat has happened to u.

  2. well i can’t say much about the rest but “complaint about your teaching style???” give me a break !!! this is the most lamest thing i have ever heard,,,your teaching style is without a shadow of a doubt,,, i can say is “THE BEST”; for what i have experienced in the 17 years of my educational pursuit ….

    Aaaah Sir don’t give a darn, they are on the losing side… a pearl remains a pearl; it doesn’t lose its preciousness no matter what, maybe you were destined to be at a more respectable place which suited your stature 😉

  3. sir we are with you, we talked to everyone today,we will do whatever we can, they not only let you down they also disgusted and ridicule us, by such lame allegations against us, now they are calling for a meeting to solve this dispute on monday, hope the authorities come up with better solution otherwise we wont be taking that class

  4. Thank you guys for the support. It would be nice to see that people can’t get away with injustice. Other than that, I don’t really care about losing my job. I have other opportunities and in the words of a friend, we can earn the average monthly pay in two days if we want 🙂

  5. 😮 😮 😮
    “objections on your teaching style”
    I cant even believe this excuse can be made.. It really really heart breaking.. Wish the elders around here had some brain to do just.. Huh.. No offence meant to the Institute :D..
    But I should say.. They doesn’t deserve you.. Simple..

  6. its all false because no student has objection on your teaching style . infact you are one of the best teacher in IM|Sciences i had ever seen here after Mr.Nafees gone for PHD program. but we feel very sorry for IM|Sc that they are loosing such a conceptional teacher. and once again hard luck for BCS 5th semester

  7. hi sir how r u we hope u will be fine by the grace of allah .We r so much dissappointed with situation created by our elders.It is not your mistakes neither of our student .We become use to of your lecture which were delived with great dovation and good effort .We r hoping for the best to join our classes because you know how to teach the computer studies which more different then other studies.may allah give a great reward of the effort that you have done with imscience

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