Confusion amongst Zaid Hamid Fans

Zaid Hamid is cornered. He has nothing to say and nothing to clear his name with. As one of my friends put it, “there is no need to expose Zaid Hamid”. He is clearly deviated but some people still don’t get it. So, I thought I should help these people figure out what the question under discussion really is around here. It’s not about Zaid’s ideas about khilafat. It’s not about how good his speeches are. It’s not whether he works for the CIA or against it. It has nothing to do with any of it. The question that we are concerned with here is only of Yousuf Kazzab. If Zaid Hamid defends a kazzab, then:

  1. We can’t let it go. We can’t forget about it because it’s part of our Imaan to care about such things. We cannot tolerate someone who denies the finality of the prophethood of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallah-o-alaih-e-wasallam). Period.
  2. It doesn’t matter what other things he does. It’s not relevant any more.

So, if you’re a “Zaid Hamid Fan” here’s a simple flow chart that can help you decide what your opinion is regarding Zaid Hamid. Clear your mind and come clean with what you think about him. Then decide what the real situation here is. (Click the image to see full size.)

Confusion among Zaid Hamid Fans

5 thoughts on “Confusion amongst Zaid Hamid Fans

  1. This is the first time that I am hearing the name Yusuf Kazzab. I have heard ZH’s name alot and have seen many supporters and those who denounce him. For me ZH is someone who is in love with Delhi, as he always seems to be dreaming about conquering that city for some reason. As for as Yusuf Kazzab is concerned, a quick search for him explained that Yusuf Ali claimed that he was a Prophet.
    However, in your article as well as in all other links on the internet, I could not find any authentic REFERENCE to his statements in which he claimed such things. You always taught us that whenever we use/mention some line of someone, we must give a reference for it. But in this article and many others, he was quoted but no reference was made.
    Also, I read that in his trial he consistently denied having said anything of that sort to desecrate the name of Muhammad(PBUH) and or Islam.
    The other thing is that if there was some irrefutable evidence against him which proved that he had said those stuff, his denial and tauba would still not suffice and he deserved capital punishment?
    I am saying this because I have heard, if I am not wrong, in the Hanafi School of Thought, even if someone say that he does not believe in Islam or Allah, he would be requested three days to change his views and come back to the true path of Islam. For three consecutive days, he will be confronted and requested each day to change his stance. After that if he still maintains his opinion, he would be prosecuted and the Qazi could suggest a punishment for him.
    There are few questions I want to raise here, 1) if Yusuf Ali was given a chance to come back to true path of Islam? And, 2) what about Yusuf Ali’s denial? 3) Was Yusuf Ali’s psychological situation assessed by a psychiatrist? What if he was a Schizophrenic ? Because if he was, then he would not have been wrong in believing anything that he believed, heard, or seen. Those who suffer from such type of psychological disorder can show these symptoms that he showed. So the 4th question that arises then is that, do you think justice was served in this case?
    Finally, he was given a death sentence and he was awaiting his fate, was his killing in jail justified in any way? Do you think it was an Islamic act and will be rewarded by Allah(swt)?

    Allah(swt) says in the glorious Quran…
    “…so judge between people justly, and do not follow desire that it should lead you astray from the path of Allah.”
    Similarly He says,…
    “Surely Allah commands you to make over trusts to those worthy of them, and that
    when you judge between people, you judge with justice. Surely Allah instructs you
    with what is excellent.”

  2. Thanks for the comments (even though I can’t put my finger on which Kashif you are).

    A few comments about your questions:

    1. The references about Yousuf Kazzab are not a point of discussion here so aren’t provided. (The transcript of his trial is public record and the audios are available for anyone to go seek.)

    2. The rules of “tauba” you have mentioned are indeed true for any “murtad”. However, they do not apply to someone who claims that he is a muslim but has ‘aqaid opposed to islam. The reason that tauba doesn’t apply there is that such a person already declares himself to be a muslim — he only applies different semantics/meaning to the word thus suggesting that the definition given by Prophet Muhammad (salallaho alaihe wasallam) is, nauzubillah, wrong). Such a person is called Zindeeq and acceptance of his tauba as far as the rules of this world are concerned is not agreed upon. If, a person, does indeed changes his faith back, he will get his reward in the hereafter but here, he will be dealt with as a zindeeq. The reason is quite clear if you think about it: no one can be allowed to deform the meaning of Islam and then declare himself a muslim according to his own definition. The qadiyanis do the same thing when they say “Lailaha illallah muhammad ur rasoolullah”. They consider Mirza Qadiyani to be, nauzubillah, Muhammad (as is evident from their literature). The declaration hold no meaning after that thought.

    3. Your comments about schizophrenia are mute since no one claimed insanity/mental illness. You can apply the same logic to ALL convicts.

    Jazakallah for putting your time in understanding the issues.

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